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Access control

Whitelisting and blacklisting, centralized and simplified

Enables full control over traffic access via CIDR/IP and geolocation attributes.

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What is Access Control?

Traditionally, whitelist and blacklist are managed via different tools depending on the security policy. With VAiCDN Access Control, you can easily set up whitelist and blacklist using CIDR/IP and geolocation attributes in just seconds, giving you faster response time to incidents.

a single tool for access control list

Single tool

Add, configure, and manage whitelist and blacklist using one tool, one dashboard.

easiest way to create access control list

Ease of use

A simple, yet sophisticated tool with an intuitive interface that makes managing ACL easier.

highly integrated along with VAiCDN features

Highly integrated

Seamlessly integrates with the Multi CDN feature and applies ACL configuration globally.

Simple ACL

Create your own ACL with just a few clicks

Access Control is designed with an intuitive interface to help users of all technical levels to create robust access control lists via CIDR/IP or geolocation attributes with minimal efforts.

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Create your own ACL with just a few clicks
Configure once and apply to Multi CDN

Single configuration

Configure once and apply to Multi CDN

An ACL will apply to the CDN you’ve installed under your website immediately after the configuration. Same if you have multiple CDNs installed, one ACL to rule them all.

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